Sometimes I dream that I see whole bodies of completed work. I see many paintings, hanging somewhere I can't quite place. I stare hard at them, telling myself to remember and absorb as much as possible. When I wake up, some of the images are lingering, and some have vanished. This process of recall enables me to explore them from an expanded state, where perception is more fluid, and can open and shift. When I begin to paint, I start from a non representational place, and bring sensation into form. I see paintings as arenas where light and gesture are gathered and stored. By pouring and layering washes of acrylic paint; shapes, symbols, and content build and repeat themselves over time. They march on like a cast of characters, creating relationships and memories. I work until a presence is felt, where some kind of energy is detected; and may be provoked, enticed, or invited in  to be the guest of honor on the canvas.

Simone lives and works in Petaluma, Ca.